Our Story

Hi, we are B and J

In 2019, newly married and expecting our first child, we decided to combine our love of design and business to start off on a new journey with BJ Shirt Co. The very first design we created was a Free Soda t-shirt and from there we were hooked. BJ Shirt Co first launched on Etsy in October of the same year. Through trial, error, and growing pains we learned a lot about the aspects of our business venture and decided in 2021 to take our company off of Etsy and onto our own website. We launched bjshirtco.com in September and have since updated many of our product lines with new, higher quality products and designs. We are ever growing, ever evolving, and always excited to bring you along with us.


Why buy from BJ Shirt Co?

Unique Designs

Every design on BJ Shirt Co is a unique idea created by us. While some designs are more intricate, many of our designs are simple while still giving you a way to express yourself.

Support Small Business

BJ Shirt Co is a small business, only run by us. We love what we do and our goal is to share our vision with everyone who has a similar style. We hope to bring a smile to your face when you open your purchase.

Less Waste, Smaller Footprint

We have partnered with a larger production facility that allows us to create less waste with faster shipping. Each sale is made to order, reducing clothing waste, and shipped in post-consumer recycled plastics from one of three facilities in the United States.